A Bong or A Dab Oil Rig ? What's The Difference?


Bong, or Dab Rig? That is the question. Or rather, the real question is, what’s the difference?

What Is Consumed

Bongs are intended to be used for smoking dried flower, which is loaded into the bowl, lit with a lighter and smoked. Dab/oil rigs use a THC concentrate that is usually referred to as “wax.” “honey,” or “oil” and are smoked with a nail.


Method of Consumption

Bongs are used for smoking flower via the combustion method of lighting the herb with a butane lighter or matches and inhaling the smoke through the mouthpiece. A dab/oil rig is used as a way to consume vapor from a concentrate using a torch and a nail.


Bongs/Bowls & Dab Rigs/Nails

The main difference between a bong and a dab/oil rig is that a bong ends on a female joint, and is intended for use with a flower bowl, which usually sports a male connection. In place of a bowl, a dab/oil rig usually ends on a male joint, perfect for most nails that sport female connections, which is used to vaporize the THC concentrate.


Size Matters

Bongs are typically larger than a dab/oil rig, except in a few circumstances. The reason is that since the flower is being combusted rather than vaporized, so the bong can be larger and the smoke will travel the length of the bong without dissipating. With a dab/oil rig the vapor needs to travel a shorter distance in order to stay potent and flavorful.


A Dab/oil rig setup will typically run more expensive than a bong setup. The reason is because in addition to purchasing a rig, you’ll also need a nail and other dabbing accessories, such as a torch, dabber, silicone container, etc. Which can be very pricey depending on what all you buy.

Bongs and Dab/ Oil rigs might look similar to the untrained eye, but they are slightly different due to the method of consumption and accessories used. A bong’s main purpose is for the smoking of flower, whereas dab/oil rigs are obviously designed with concentrates in mind.

This does not mean that bongs cannot be used to dab, and dab rigs cannot smoke flower, it just refers to their intended use. In fact, all you would need is the appropriate adapters to match your piece to what you need