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Glass Bongs

You can always expect greatness from MoroKush, and this beautiful glass is no exception!

Bongs and dab rigs are the pinnacle of smoking culture and serve not only as the best way to create a perfectly smooth smoking experience but also as one of the best ways to express your personality.

Bongs have been around for hundreds if not thousands of years, ever since the first smoker had the very bright idea to try filtering smoke through water. And that is exactly what makes bongs - also known as water-pipes - unique from other smoking apparatus.


Hand Pipes

Glass Pipes are the best option to truly appreciate the simple joy of smoking. Also known as hand pipes or spoon pipes, glass smoking pipes are one of the oldest ways to smoke herbs or tobacco.

Unlike other, more complicated methods of smoking, glass pipes do not require water or any accessories to work successfully. All you need is a lighter, herbs or tobacco, and you’re all set!


DAB Rigs

The Dragon Head Water Pipe by Calibear is a handheld water pipe that features a wold head design with two opal eyes, thick glass, and all the attachment needed for both flowers and concentrates. This water pipe rests at 3.5" inches tall with a 14.5 mm joint and comes in a sturdy Pelican case including a quartz banger, carb cap + ball, and a flower bowl. The Wolf Head comes in 3 colorways: Slime Green, Transparent Black, and Purple.




Bubbler is a glass pipe with a compartment for water to filter and cool down the smoke. Bubbler pipes commonly have a built-in bowl while some of the larger bubbler bongs have a glass on glass fitting for the bowl piece. A bubbler is an excellent choice for those who want to eliminate the harshness of smoking from a regular glass pipe.